What’s Inside a Baby Bag?

The baby bag is every new mom’s new best friend that they need to be right there by their side at all times. Stepping outside the house with your little one without a baby bag is a mistake you wouldn’t dare make if you don’t want to have any regrets.

Below is a checklist of the most important and must-have items that should be inside a baby bag all the time:

  1. Diapers – For every 2 hours you spend outside, you have to pack one diaper and a few extras to be safe.
  2. Wipe – Choose a good travel pack for your wipes. You can also maintain the moisture of the baby wipes by putting them inside a plastic sandwich bag. Wipes have the most number of purposes out of all baby bag contents. You use them to wipe your hands, your baby’s bum and the changing pad, particularly after using a public restroom.
  3. Changing Pad – Your baby bag may already come with one but you might want to get something bigger.
  4. Baby ointment/cream – Use travel-sized tubes of baby cream or ointment to save space.
  5. Pacifiers – If your baby is using a pacifier, keep it inside a clean bag together with extra bottle nipples to keep them sanitary.
  6. Small empty sacks – These can be used for those soiled diapers and clothing. You can dispose them if they are disposable or bring them home if they are made from cloth. These can also be used for used nipples and pacifiers.
  7. Washcloths or burp cloths – Put as much as you think you will need and add some more.
  8. Baby food – It doesn’t matter if is pumped breast milk, baby food, or instant formula in bottles. Try to figure out the number of feedings worth your baby will need then pack accordingly. If you have a toddler, you can also add some water in the baby bag.
  9. Hand sanitizer – Since you have no idea who else touched the things you touched before changing or feeding your baby, make sure you have a hand sanitizer with you.
  10. Change of clothes or two. Spit-up can always happen as well as leaky bottles and blow-outs. Put a couple extra pairs of clean socks while you are at it.
  11. Hat – No matter what the season might be, your bag should have a topper appropriate for the weather to block out the cold or sun.
  12. Light blanket – Again, whatever the season, it wouldn’t hurt to have something to use in drafty restaurants and during unexpected breezes. You can also use the blanket to shade your baby from the heat of the sun.
  13. Sunscreen – For babies 6 months and above, you should use a sunscreen if you and your baby will be out and about strolling in the park.
  14. Toys – If there is something that keeps your little one entertained, whether it is a teether, rattle, or board book, toss it in the baby bag. You will also need toy straps if you don’t want to pick toys up from the sidewalks or floor of restaurants.

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