9 Better Parenting Skills to Practice

Nurturing and raising your kids is one of the most fulfilling yet most challenging tasks in the world. As a parent, you have to undergo multiple process and strategies to make everything okay for your children. So as you go through, develop these skills to become more effective, positive and fulfilled in your daily parenting.

Always learn to appreciate. Have you ever think about how many times you stopped and react negatively to your kids? Maybe, you will find yourself criticizing more than complementing. One effective way in parenting is to make a point of praising your child’s good work every day. Be generous with compliments and rewards.

Boost your child’s self-esteem. Make sure to avoid loaded statements as your weapons. Belittling comments and comparing your child to others will make your kids feel worthless and unfavored. Do not comment “What a stupid thing” or phrases that make them feel unworthy of your love. Show compassion and choose your words appropriately. Let them know the consequence of sin but show love after.

Make time for your kids. Understandably, you need to work hard for your kids’ future, but always have in mind that time passes every day that you must not miss milestones of your kids. Kids who are not getting much attention often act out or misbehave.

Be consistent with your discipline. Discipline is essential in the household. Establishing house rules and pursuing occupation helps your kids understand your expectation and develop self-control. Be sure to be consistent for them to remember it all the time.

Prioritize communication. Clarify your expectations. If there’s a problem with your kids, describe it, express it and invite your kids to communicate for a possible solution. Offer choices and opportunities for them to open up their emotions and feeling.

Be a role model. Young kids are great observers, and they can learn by watching, so you need to be aware that someone is watching you- in speech and actions. Start to model the traits and values you want to see in your kids: honesty, kindness, respect and discipline. Above these things, be an example of love.

Show your unconditional love. Always strive to nurture and encourage even while disciplining your kids. You are responsible for guiding them in such a way that they will know that you are his parent and they can cling on you no matter what.

Be flexible in parenting style. As your child grows and matures, your strategies need to be flexible too. What is working to your child now may not work well in a year or two. But continue to project guidance, encouragement and appropriate disciple as he grows. Seize every moment with your kids to learn more.

Know your needs and limitations as a parent. The truth is- you are not a perfect parent. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Develop some realistic expectations for yourself, for your kids and even for your spouse. Take your time and focus on things one at a time. Also, do the things you love in your parenting spare times and learn the act of rest.

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