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PDS Australia was started in 2002 and continues to support families nationally. This support group strives to bring hope and support to families who have received a prenatal diagnosis of their unborn baby or the birth of a child with a disability. Of course families who have experienced a pregnancy and infant loss are also welcome.


We provide both professional and peer support for families as having walked in their shoes and we are committed to educating the community on the impact of receiving an adverse prenatal diagnosis and on the trauma around making a pregnancy choice.


PDS Australia offers a complete online community where parents can access support 24/24 as well as weekly meetings. The support group offers email support, discussion forums, peer support, referrals to services and advocacy. It also holds a strong research agenda with academic and clinical input from various experts in the field


We support parents going through the birth of their special child, or its loss. Many of the support group's volunteers are bereaved parents; we strive to uphold a self help support framework where everyone is invited to share their story on an equal level as well as provide support to others.

Anyone wishing to become a volunteer is encouraged. No minimum hours or job!

Let's celebrate together the special lives of our children.



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Please note that only families who have received an adverse prenatal diagnosis can join.



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Facilitated by grief Counsellor and bereaved parents

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TOPIC: "Dreading the silence that comes after the storm"

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